Everleaf Thai Towers Basil - Herb Seedlings


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Exceptional Thai basil.

**Very slow bolting**, incredibly productive plant with vibrant Thai flavor. Compared to Sweet Thai, Everleaf Thai Towers has larger leaves at 2–3", a taller, more productive plant habit, and is much later to flower. Plants are very upright with purple stems and densely packed, dark green leaves with a purple blush. Makes a beautiful, tidy, towering plant. Long, strong stems and profuse leaf production make it excellent for both bunching (from a field planting) and growing in pots. Similarly strong Thai/anise aroma to that of Sweet Thai. Compared to Cinnamon Basil, its aroma has less sweetness

Days to Maturity: Flowers after 10-12 weeks
Best Time for Transplanting: Late Spring to Early Summer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review