Earliglow Strawberry - Strawberry Seedling


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Plants will be available for pickup or delivery between April 15 and April 30th

Product Overview


The early-season standard.

Medium-size berries with excellent flavor and good color; suitable for fresh use or freezing. Berry size is usually smaller on later sets. Vigorous plants have resistance to red stele and intermediate resistance to verticillium wilt. Summer fruiting or June-bearing type plants.

Encourage the plant to put its energy into becoming established by removing all the flower buds during the first year of growth. As the plant becomes established, the runners will set small daughter plants. Press 2 or 3 daughter plants per main plant into the soil in mid- to late July to fill in your rows or beds. Allowing any more of the small plants to take root will cause the bed to become too crowded. To prevent this, cut off any additional runners that form during the season.

Days to Maturity: **Please note: Plants begin fruiting second year after planting
Best Time for Transplanting: Early Spring


(No reviews yet) Write a Review